The Governmental Public Health Programme 1999-2008

Healthy Throughout Life-National Aims and Strategies of Public Health 2002-10

The Public Health Report Denmark 2007

Recommendations Concerning Antenatal Care 2013

Decision-making authority

The social democratic-led Danish government adopted this programme in 2000.

The liberal-led Danish government published this programme in 2002.

The liberal-led Danish government and the National Institute for Public Health financed this report in 2007.

The Danish National Board of Health published these recommendations in 2009 and revised them in 2013. The Danish government was liberal-led in 2009 and social democratic-led in 2013.

Target audience

Self-disciplined subjects in primary schools, workplaces, local communities and the health care system.

Self-responsible participants in health care

Psychosocially deprived families, including the foetus and the newborn child.

Well-adapted citizens, believed to behave responsibly towards the community.

Pregnant women and their families, health care leaders, administrators, decision-makers and personnel.

Expected outcomes

Diminution of social inequality in health care.

Prevention of prevalent diseases and identified risk factors.

Increase in average lifetime expectancy.

Diminution of lifestyle diseases: lung cancer, liver cirrhosis and diabetes.

Promotion of healthy motherhood and childhood.

Recommended governing

Governing through solidarity.

Autonomy-making technologies

Governing through solidarity.

Responsibility-making technologies.

Governing through discipline in psychosocially deprived families.

Governing through solidarity.

Responsibility-making technologies.

Autonomy-making technologies.

Governing through solidarity and through discipline and autonomy.