Psychosocial Risk Factor Questionnaire in Workers



1. Do you commute to work from another city or town?

2. Do you feel unsafe on the streets you drive down?

3. Are there are difficulties for you to commute to work or from work to your home?

4. Do you worry about arriving late to work?

5. Do you feel nervous and anxious while waiting for transportation when going to work?

6. Do you feel restless due to slow traffic on the way to work or from work to your home?

7. Are you upset about traffic laws being broken if you are on transportation to work or from work to your home?

8. Have you ever arrived late at work due to commute complications from your home?

9. Have you ever had an accident while commuting (home-work-home)?

10. Have you ever been unemployed for more than a month?

11. Are you currently studying and working (and have to fulfill both conditions)?

12. Do you have any economic debts from a loan or mortgage that worries you?

13. Do you live alone?

14. Do you like to talk to your neighbors?

15. Do you spend time with people with alcohol, addiction or legal problems?

16. Do you organize your free time with recreational activities? (Trips, movies, sports, music, etc.)

17. Do you enjoy being with relatives on a regular basis?

18. Do you speak to professionals about your problems?

19. FOR WOMEN: Have you ever had an unwanted pregnancy?

FOR MEN Have you taken responsibility for unwanted children?

20. Do you have any serious or chronic disease?

21. Have you experienced an important separation (mourning) during the last six months?

22. Do you sleep enough to feel rested?

23. Do you reject things you cannot do or that are beyond the scope of your responsibilities?

24. Do you have any specific plans for the next six months?

25. Do you usually take care of your health (mental and physical)?

26. Do you combine physical exercise with good eating habits?

27. Do you feel your home is in order and clean? (Both combinations)