Construction process

Stage I


Stage II


Stage III


Stage IV


Driving force

Driven by production enthusiasm of farmers to the Household Responsibility System: the agricultural production has enhanced the vitality of rural development.

Driven by the integration of agriculture and other industries: township enterprises have achieved the benefits of from agricultural production to other industries.

Adjustment of planting structure driven by the ecological construction of the village space and the development of leisure agriculture.

Rural tourism driven by the development of multifunctional agriculture and the construction of multifunctional landscape network.

Transformation form

The positive transformation of agricultural production promoted the diversification of agricultural products.

Industrial and commercial integration: the development of the processing industry and commerce changed the industrial structure.

Industrial Integration: promoted the coordinated development of multifunctional agriculture and multi-functional landscape network.

New agriculture: the construction of the modern agricultural value chain promoted the construction of new industry and a beautiful countryside.

Core values

Agricultural value: Farmers’ enthusiasm for production was enhanced and the agricultural value chain expanded.

Industrial and commercial value: the integration of industry and commerce into the agricultural field expanded the agricultural value chain.

Leisure Value: the development of sightseeing agriculture enhanced the leisure-based experiential value of traditional agriculture.

Shared value: agricultural innovation and spatial integration expanded the shared value of multifunctional agriculture.