Reason for choice


Deputy general manager

Huang is always the only Chinese in the top management of Jatco Guangzhou, and he has experienced the whole process of site selection, completion and development of Jatco Guangzhou. He is also a substantial part of the Guangzhou company. In addition, the establishment of the Jatco Guangzhou’s learning organization is based on Huang.


Minister of Human Resources


The HR Department shoulders the heavy responsibility of managing the human resources of Jatco Guangzhou. The “human wealth” development system that developed by the HR Department is the key to the generation of learning



Minister of Training Department

They shoulder the talent training plan of the whole company and the planning strategy of the brand image of the company, which is closely related with learning organization. Wei is a learning-type person one cultivated by Huang, and along with the growth of the company.


Section Chief of each department

As the person in charge of the specific subject of each department and the executor of the specific action, the section chief provides descriptive and targeted information.


Other Minister

The learning organization needs the role of each department. In order to understand the effect and implementation of the learning organization, we need a comprehensive analysis.


Middle and basic


Select some middle-level and grassroots employees in a targeted way, understand the details of the action of the learning organization from the perspective of employees, and understand the psychology and emotions of employees.