Complete Blood Count

ž Patient more than 60 years of age

ž Major surgery requiring “group and screen” or “group and match”

ž Chronic cardiovascular, pulmonary, renal or hepatic disease

ž Malignancy

ž Known or suspected anemia, bleeding diathesis or myelosuppression

ž Anticoagulant therapy

Coagulation profile

ž Anticoagulant therapy

ž Bleeding diathesis, family history of bleeding disorder

ž History of DVT or pulmonary embolism

ž Liver disease, renal failure

ž Malignancy with concurrent radio-chemotherapy

Electrolytes and creatinine levels

ž Age more than 60 years

ž Hypertension

ž Renal disease

ž Diabetes

ž Pituitary or adrenal disease

ž Digoxin or diuretic therapy, or other drug therapies affecting electrolytes