Pannell et al. (2019)

1576 procedures from 2000 to 2014, among these 358 procedures were changed to arthroplasty during ten years

Long-term survival was seen among selected patients who undergone HTO


Kumar et al. (2019)

Single centre and interventional research was performed on 60 patients were radiologically and clinically diagnosed as varusdeformity KO. Age of the patients was from 45 to 50 years. 23 patients were male and 37 patients were female

HTO must be suggested for degenerative arthritis treatment of knee in active, young patients for symptomatic enhancement and activity levels maintenance


Hoorntje et al. (2019)

Patients selected are from sports. Patients were selected from age group between 18 and 70 years.

It was identified that more than 8 patients out of 10 after HTO, return to sport and among them most of them RTO within six months


Yokoyama et al. (2016)

47 patients who undergone OWHTO treatment. 34 female patients and 13 male patients were included. Mean age is 59.8 years

Women and patients with high body mass index would like to have a much time to heal


Ganeshsankar et al. (2017)

All 30 patients were properly assessed the form of pre-operative surgical intervention in HTO was carried out and result was estimated using scoring system. Patients’ age was between 45 years and 50 years. 10 patients were male and 20 patients were female

Successful result of HTO is maintained for eight to ten years thus delay the necessity for conversion to arthroplasty of total knee


Moon et al. (2019)

92 patients with medical OWHTO and proceeding by assessment of 2nd-look arthroscopic

Medical OWHTO are responsible for osteoarthritis progression of PJ with respect to status of preexisting cartilage, without the link with following up at short-term in clinical outcomes


Erquicia et al. (2019)

Patients who undergone surgery with Biplane OWHTO and minimum 2 years of follow-up were taken into consideration. 23 patients (8 females and 15 males) were considered with 33 months of follow-up. Patients were selected from age 20.1 to 54.3 years

Clinical and radiographic outcomes pointed out that adopting such technique for treating varus malalignment and KO medial compartment in middle-aged and young persons with normal-to-low patellar height


Soleimanpour et al. (2013)

Statistically related difference between closed wedge HTO and OWHTO. Mean age is 67.2 years. 76 patients were male and 65 patients were female

OWHTO was significant in operation length, duration of weight-bearing and return to normal lifestyle


Kim et al. (2017)

Meta-analysis to compare the survivorship longevity of OWHTO versus CWHTO

OWHTOs was higher in terms of survival rate


Huizinga et al. (2014)

110 osteoarthritis patients with knee medial compartment with varus malalignment (6˚ - 12˚) among persons aged 18 years. Gender was not included in regression model

when follow-up after one year of surgery, combined HTO technique had achieved more exactly what patient need during varus malalignment correction with less anatomical modification of proximal tibia