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Malahias et al. (2018)

Patients with deficient varus angulated knee-anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) require isolated HTO as well as extra ACL reconstruction were reviewed

ACL reconstruction and one stage HTO is efficient and safe procedure to treat the patients who suffer from symptomatic varus osteoarthritis to combine with instability of anterior knee


Yang et al. (2020)

6.5/8.0-mm pretensioned or 6.5-mm cancellous screw of lag was practically added from opposite cortex to plateau of medial tibial

Insertion in the pretensioned opposite screw of lag is efficient and simple technique to enhance the structural stability in MOWHTO


Weiye et al. (2020)

Male patient aged 48 years with KO occurred by long-term varus of genu which outcome in both knees pain, particularly in right knee

Treating the KO patients with varus of genu, HTO combination, regeneration of tissue in chronic distraction and computer-assisted adjustment in technology of external fixation have best impact on correcting the deformity of genu varus and recovery of minimal line of limb force


Sarwar et al. (2019)

Success rate and complication rate among patients after HTO were reviewed

HTO is efficient for reducing the pain and function of knee improvement in patients with knee’s medial compartmental OA


Carvalho et al. (2016)

174 patients who underwent HTO are estimated after 47.9 days follow-up periods. Among them 118 patients were male and 56 patients were female. Age of the patients were from 53 to 67 years

HTO permit patients to continue their physical activities with symptomatic osteoarthritis of KO medial compartment, outcome in enhancing clinical conditions and as a result in their recreational activities and every day working activities