Climate Change

Russia and Ireland have about equal numbers (2.4 m)

Canada and the U.S. (7.1 m) have more than South America countries (6.3 m)

Brazil (2.3 m) has about the same number as Sweden (2.1 m)

China and France (3.3 m) have the same number

Caribbean islands and Denmark (1.1 m) have the same number

Climate Change + Maps

Sweden (1.6 m) has more than South America (1.4 m)

The U.S. (3.5 m) has almost the same as Sub-Saharan Africa (3.8 m)

Canada and the U.S. (5.5 m) have many more than China (1.4 m) and India (1 m) combined

Australia (1.2 mi) has more than India (1.1 m)

Russia (413 m), Switzerland (433 m) and South Korea (427 m) are similar

Europe (11.1 m) has slightly more than Sub-Saharan Africa (3.8 m), North Africa & Greater Middle East (2.3 m), South Asia (2.2 m), South America (1.4 m), Southeast Asia (1.3) and Central America 1.2 m) combined

Climate Change + Impacts

Singapore (1.4 m) has a similar number as Indonesia (609 m) and Vietnam (816 m) combined

Türkiye (1.3 m) has slightly more than Norway (1.2 m)

Japan and France (both 1.8) have almost the same number

South Africa’s total (4.1 m) has 40% of Sub-Saharan Africa’s total

China’s total (2.4 m) is the same as the Netherlands (4th most in Europe)

United Kingdom (3.5 m) is almost equal to Central America (3.6 m)

Caribbean (734 m) have slightly more than Finland (658 m)