Stakeholder participation in policy-making

- Number of participating stakeholders

- Involvement in the definition of strategic choices

Rules governing access to the resource

- Existence of an inventory of the resource to be managed

- Involvement of other sectors in the leasing process

- Controlling the development of the sector’s land tenure

Three pillars of sustainable management (economic, social and environmental)

- Involvement of local people in resource management

- Existence of tax and royalty sharing mechanisms

- Environmental protection

- Contribution of the sector to economic growth through GDP and formal employment

Inter-sectoral coordination and provision of arbitration mechanisms

- Existence of a formal technical coordination body

- Capacity of the coordination body to anticipate possible conflicts between actors

- Fairness of arbitration procedures

Provision of a monitoring and evaluation mechanism

- Existence of a structure in charge of monitoring and evaluation in each ministry

- Existence of a database and relevance of the data collected to inform the revision of the sector policy