Presented a new factory model to enhance the drillout process. The results indicated that it is imperative to optimize the critical factors influencing the plug drillout performance. Those factors were: coil tubing size, plug type, wellbore trajectory, real-time modeling, fluid rheology, and effective communication between all stakeholders.

Optimum cleaning conditions:

pump rate = 4 bpm

AV = 258 ft/min

for 2-3/8” CT and 5”-casing

AV ≥ 200 ft/min

for CT sizes 2-3/8” and 2-5/8” and casing sizes 5” and 5.5”


Showed that early stage monitoring of flowback with high accuracy meters had proven to be an invaluable technique in optimizing well productivity during clean-up stages. The authors proposed that well construction workflow should be dynamic to enable predicting early well performance issues and account for relationships between various well operations.


Indicated that the use of a wireline-conveyed tractor is more efficient than tubing-based operations. The study demonstrated that wireline interventions and the ability to release plugs effectively provide the operators with a safer, faster, and more cost-effective option than the more conventional methods such as workover and coil tubing. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that this may be applicable when there are logistics issues.


Showed that the use of generation four CT and the use of fluid rheology improved cleaning efficiency. The study demonstrated that optimizing well trajectory, string design, incorporating real-time monitoring. And utilizing the advanced CT unit resulted in an ultimately very successful design.


Proposed best practices applicable in high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) reservoirs. The authors stated that CT speed, pumping rates, and smaller bottomhole assemblies improve cleaning. Optimized operational parameters such as CT speed, pumping rates, and the use of smaller outer diameter bottomhole assemblies doubled operational efficiency. It is critical to perform wellbore conditioning before setting up the bridge plugs to avoid losing pressure integrity and possible damage to the sealing element.

Optimum AV = 190 ft/min

Optimum circulation rate = 1.8 bbl/min

Clean out time = 720 min

Circulation pressure = 6000 psi