Population characteristics


Ethnobotany of the Ilama

San Antonio de las Huertas

Size: 1818 inhabitants in 2017 (INEGI)

Ethnicity: 1.72% Nahuatl population, majority of mestizo population

Crops: Maize, bean, gourd, ilama, mango, and grasslands

Altitude: 260 masl

Relief: Mainly flat with elevations standing above 200 m

Climate: Hot, sub-humid (25˚C - 32˚C)

Vegetation: Lowland deciduous rainforest

Soil: limestone-sandy

Characteristics of ilama: Important variation of types of ilama. All five colors present: white, red, purple, pink, and blue pulp

Cultivation methods: Backyards (called patios), ruderal presence, on the borders of maize fields and in the mountains

Economic importance: One of the main sources of income for many farmers, also a significant additional source of income for others


Size: 65 082 inhabitants in 2017 (IGECEM)

Ethnicity: 127 Nahuatl inhabitants; majority of mestizo population

Crops: Maize, bean, gourd, and tropical fruits as ilama

Altitude:1230 to 1340 masl

Relief: Rugged, volcanic origin

Climate: semi-hot, humid, rainy in the summer (24˚C - 27˚C)

Vegetation: Medium land rainforest

Soil: Sedimentary with igneous rocks

Characteristics of ilama: White, red, and blue pulp trees

Cultivation methods: The tree is present in many backyards, bordering fields of maize, and in the forests; there are a few orchards

Economic importance: Additional income in a more economically active community

El Ocotillo

Size: 128 inhabitants in 2005 (INEGI)

Ethnicity: Nahuatl majority

Cultures: Self-consumption production of Maize, gourd, bean, and tropical fruits

Altitude: 438 masl

Relief: Rugged.

Climate: Semi-hot, humid, rainy in the summer

Vegetation: Medium land rainforest

Soil: Regosol eutric Re/2C

Characteristics of ilama: Only white pulp ilama present

Cultivation methods: Organized populations near the village, in backyards, and freely in the mountains. It is also used to outline fields

Economic importance: Very small economical interest due to the low local asking prices