Description of the variables


Reports the gender of the farmers: 1 = women; 2 = men


The amount of premium paid by the farmers for each year of coverage. Mean premium = 7867 CFA (14 USD)


Spatial variable controlling for the geographical differences between the insured production areas. As rainfall distribution can be different from place to place, farmers are divided into four areas namely, the district of Ndoffane, Kaffrine, Kaolack, and Nioro, using the location of the weather stations of the Senegalese meteorological agency.


Cooperatives to which the farmers hold membership and through which they have access to the insurance product. Three cooperatives are considered. The CCPA, the RNCPS, and the FEPROMAS.

Delayed payment

It determines whether the premium is paid at the moment of the purchase of the insurance product or whether it is linked to the credit and will be paid at the end of the season (after the marketing period) at the time of the loan reimbursement.