Pattern name

Discovering services that cover an agile requirement.


Detecting existing services, which can be found in the service portfolio of the organization, that cover user stories functionality identified by the agile team. This pattern is used in early stages of a sprint, directly after the Sprint Planning (see Figure 8) and it is necessary for the software reutilization. The identification of existing services is a very difficult task since the services area is not connected with the agile techniques that are used in the requirements elicitation phase.


Discovery, refinement and methods.

Problem summary

In ASD, functional or technical dependencies with other teams are a challenge because a considerable coordination effort is required (P1, Table 3).

Ÿ Detection of services in early stages of ASD.

Ÿ Identification of existing services in the services portfolio that cover the user story proposed for a new web application.

Ÿ Reusability of software in early stages of the software development lifecycle.

Usage description

It applies the process named DS4aRE (“Discovering services for agile requirements”) that consists of six steps:

1) Indexing the Services Portfolio.

2) Formalizing the agile requirement (see Figure 9).

3) Transforming this formalization into a query.

4) Launching this query against the index.

5) Preparing the result of the query.

6) Obtaining the Candidate Services (i.e. a Service that is inside the Services Portfolio and would cover an agile requirement).