Instantiation for case a


The system comprises all information systems involved in these web applications together with the Services Portfolio that belong to the organization. The IT infrastructure is a key part of the system, too.


The domain of this problem is related to the e-government services and the integration into the ASD development lifecycle.

Context of use

The context of use is the Ministry of Culture that delivers e-government services by means of web applications using agile software developments. The main users of these applications are citizens and public employees.


The users are citizens and public employees as well as the IT esponsible or even the agile team.


The stakeholders are people in charge of the different departments (ministry, IT or business).

Agile team

A team belongs to the IT service made up by a Scrum Master and agile developers together with a Product Owner that represents the different interests of stakeholders (the deputy head of the IT department).


The methodology followed is NDT-Agile (based on Scrum and Earned Value Management).

Agile RE problem

Technical or functional dependencies to other teams.

Agile RE pattern

Discovering services that cover an agile requirement (see Table 5).

Agile RE activity

Identification and refinement.