GUI features


a. Video

1. Videos will be present

2. Video will not be present

b. Media sound

1. Adjust the sound level to “sound on”

2. Adjust the sound to “sound off”

3. Adjust the sound to auto adjusted

c. Font

1. Adjust the font to “medium”

2. Adjust the font to “big”

3. Adjust the font to “small”

d. Brightness

1. Adjust the brightness level to user preference

2. Adjust the Brightness level to auto adjusted

e. Voice input

1. Enabled

2. Not enabled

f. Background theme

1. Optional theme(Blue, Red)

2. VIP account interface

3. Unchangeable color―grey

4. Unchangeable color―pink

g. Homepage

1. Picture style

2. Plain text style (detailed classification)

h. Tutorial

1. Display

2. Not display

i. Item description

1. Sound

2. No sound

j. Picture

1. Present picture

2. Not present picture

k. Welcome page

1. Present welcome page when opening the app

l. Voice command

1. Enabled

2. Not enabled