“Lets keep it up.”

“There’s next time.”

“Not good enough.”

“Go home.”

“You Improved.”

“You become stronger repeating failure.”

“Its normal to able to do that.”

“You’re not good.”

“You’re doing it.”

“There’s things that you realize by failing.”

“That wasn’t from your strength.”

“You must be stupid.”

“Its coming up quite well.”

“You can do it.”

“Other people can do better.”

“You can’t do even this.”

“You did well.”

“Failure is needed.”

“Your skill is not up to par.”

“Just as I thought.”

“Your effort has paid off.”

“Lets try hard together.”

“You’re thinking to easy.”

“You’re not getting it.”

“That was good.”

“Don't give up.”

“That was lucky.”

“You have no motivation.”

“You never let me down.”

“It starts from here.”

“It doesn’t mean anything if you can’t do it in a match.”

“Anyone can do that.”

“You’ve got talent.”

“A little bit more.”

“It took you a long time.”

“There’s no next time.”

“That was cool.”

“One more time.”

“Anyone could do that.”

“I was expecting failure.”

“You’re very good.”

“You will be able to do it next time.”

“Not bad.”

“Your not meant for this.”

“That was superb.”

“There’s more you can do.”

“I’ve had enough.”

“It’s over.”

“Good work/job.”

“Sometimes you’re just out of form.”

“There’s no chance you can do it.”

“Your not going to get any better.”

“It was a result of your training.”

“Your getting much better.”

“Don’t play with me.”

“It’s impossible.”

“Lets try hard to the next level.”

“I have a good feeling.”

“What were you doing until now?”

“Not enough practice.”

“You can do better.”

“Nice Try.”

“You should quit.”

“That was normal.”

“Try hard next time too.”

“Are you putting in any effort?”