One gets variety of products under one roof. Khana, pina, biscuit, bakery (food, drinks, biscuit, bakery) all under one roof along with safe parking. One can have coffee after the movie, all entertainment in one go. Age 26/unmarried Sikh/Nuclear family/Hostler/Arts faculty.


Malls are better; one would get variety of brands, and would get cheapest products to the most expensive products under one roof along with air conditioning, food court also. Age 26/unmarried/Hindu Rajput,/Joint family/ Hostler/Science faculty.


Malls are very spacious, have very good architecture with interiors and greenery appeals us. Age 28/Buddhist/married/Hindu/Nuclear family/Day scholar/Science faculty.


Because of constant crowd, the malls gives conjusted and messy feeling as all the products get crumbled when you visit mall in the evenings or during festivals. Age 27/Unmarried/Muslim/Nuclear family/Hostler/Arts faculty.

Hedonic shopping

We prefer to visit mall with both family and friends for shopping, watching movies and having fun with them. Malls are for browsing, window shopping, party, entertainment, food, games, fun with friends and are stress relievers. Age 26/Hostler/Khatri Sikh/Unmarried/Nuclear family/Science faculty.