Early introductory period

They felt lost having to cope with new experiences

They could not imagine their day care life in future

They didn’t know what to do or where to go

They wondered about who they should eat lunch with

They had distress through communication

They were at a loss when someone tried talking to them

They thought that it was difficult to talk to other patients who have mental disorders

They agonized unable to become familiar with other patients

They became nervous when they spoke in front of other people

They were cutting themselves off from others

They tried not to stand out

They could not become familiar with staff and other patients and spent to keep themselves

They could not talk to others voluntarily

Mid- introductory period

They were attempting to adapt

They thought that day care was their only option to prevent the exacerbation of symptoms

They chose some treatment program that they wanted to try

They carried out some useful treatment program in their life

Although they were reluctant to join the treatment program, it went well when they joined an activity

When they didn't feel well, they adjusted their activities in the treatment program to make it more relaxing

They felt relief at being spoken to by surrounding people

They felt reassured when other patients talked to them

They felt that staff talked to them and cared about them

They gradually formed connecting with others

They slowly started to listen to the people around them

When they asked staff about treatment program content, they were answered with kindness

They could talk to staff and other patients, although they were a little hesitant to do so

They could mutually share their troubles, and so support each other

They could find out about the thinking of various other people

It was fun to cook together while talking with everyone

Late introductory period

They had worries about their obscure future

They realized that recovery took more time than they had expected

They questioned the implication of staying in day care as was

They broadened their daily life activities

They stepped up by increasing the number of treatment programs to participate in

They could expand their capacities and enjoyed going out

They tried to do what they had learned at the day care and were praised by their family

They exhibited awareness of recovery

They could regulate their life and eating habits

They could live an unhurried life in a comfortable atmosphere

They gradually became healthy as they shared laughs with various people

They could envision challenges and hopes