Total operating costs/business revenue

Operating cycle

Year-on-year growth rate of net assets

Cash flows to year-on-year growth rate

Return on equity

Long-term capital debt ratio

Inventory turnover days

Inventory turnover

Return on total assets

Long-term capital fit ratio

Annualized return on equity

Earnings per share

Return on invested capital

Sales net interest rates

Annualized rate of return on total assets

Net assets per share

Rate of return on labor input

Sales gross profit margin

Annual net interest rate of the total assets

EBITDA per share

Profit total

The cost of sales ratio

Taobao purchase index

1688 industry index

Executives at age

Executives of gender

Executive level of education

Executives marital status

Executives phone number use fixed number of year

Social networking sites active number of fans

Senior management years in the industry

Senior management years in this profession