TOE aspect


・ Spending less on computer hardware and software,

・ Reduce staffing costs

・ Saving on space and energy required to run IT facilities

・ Significantly reduced the cost of external storage

・ Free and cheaper external storage services

・ Eliminates online storage costs

・ Cost linked with green IT: eliminates printing costs

・ Demonstrates not only cost savings, but environmental benefits environment by wasting less paper


・ Increases collaboration between users and organisations

・ Implement tools

・ Share applications and data

・ Synchronise and work on documents simultaneously

・ Track colleagues and records to acquire real-time updates

・ Facilitates group learning and communication

・ Provides simple and effective means of sharing information

・ Communicate easily with professors and fellow students

・ Promotes the management of assignments and research projects: each project comes with its own task notes, files and conversations.

・ Promotes file sharing with the project team

・ Smooth data sharing process when engaging in group work with fellow students

・ Work can be done without having to meet up personally

・ Data and work progress monitoring: other group member’s progress and uploaded work can be observed

・ Group chat and notes feature of the cloud helped to get points and queries across much clearer in real-time