TOE aspect

Relative advantage

The degree to which cloud computing can provide a greater benefit to HEIs


Cost efficiency

Minimising IT costs through spending less on computer hardware and software, reduce staffing costs by reducing the required personnel to maintain data, and save a significant amount of space and energy required to run their IT facilities

Organisation Environment


The degree to which CC fits HEIs needs.



The degree of which institutions and their students can implement tools, share x applications and data, synchronise and work on documents simultaneously, and track colleagues and records to acquire real-time updates. In other words, students and faculty can collaborate (work together) and communicate more freely online.


Scalability, flexibility and mobility

Institutions can increase their business growth without the need to massively change existing IT systems, and the elasticity of the cloud enables institutions not only to implement solutions swiftly, but also increase computer capacity when required and remove them when not required so as to react faster to unanticipated growth in demand.

Technology Environmental

Improved business focus, performance and resource management: infrastructure

Institutions can share applications and data on the cloud, thereby enabling staff and management to concentrate on business processes and initiatives in place of the IT.


Efficiency and agility

The degree of which institutions can gain quick access to IT services they require without having to waste time and money on establishing their own IT infrastructure and capabilities.


Rapid deployments

HEIs can be provided a quicker and efficient means to develop services and applications, and thus deploying applications is a much faster process as this eliminates users worrying about issues over


Greater availability/reliability

Provision of high-performance and scalable capabilities on-demand, while sustaining greater capital and operational expenditure, and institutions that install applications on high-performance CC


CC adoption

The degree of which HEIs plan to



Higher education intuitions and their role in CC


HEI size

Number of students in the HEI



Key users of the cloud in HEIs.