Strengths (S)

Weaknesses (W)

S1 non-polluting;

S2 3 - 5.5 thousand hours of effective work at full capacity-in Europe at least 3 thousand hours/year;

S3 favorable sunny climate;

S4 proximity to the main high-capacity sales markets.

W1 seismic activity in the Southern and South-Eastern Kazakhstan, which limits the use and increases the cost of the construction of renewable energy facilities;

W2 lack of own production facilities for the manufacture of electrical equipment;

W3 high costs of importing renewable energy facilities.

Opportunities (O)

O1 creation of domestic industries and technologies in the field of green energy, construction and synthetic materials;

O2 raise radical innovation ability to improve the productivity;

O3 improvement of the environmental situation of megacities by transferring their energy to environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources.


(1) Guaranteed purchase of “green” energy state on tariffs approved by the regulator of the business plan;

(2) Free transmission of electricity to the end user;

(3) Priority dispatch “green energy” from renewable energy sources;

(4) Accumulation of energy for heat and electricity subsequent settlements;

(5) Adapting to the local natural, climatic and seismic conditions.


(1) Lack of infrastructure and transmission lines with minimal loss;

(2) Creation of additional export and transit energy routes.

Threats (T)

T1 safeguarding of capital preservation and enforcement of intellectual property rights;

T2 lack of technology and design expertise for the development and implementation of new technologies;

T3 relationships with suppliers of equipment;

T4 coordination Risks planning which can lead to delays in the construction and installation.


(1) Operation and maintenance under the extreme continental climate ;

(2) Preference on investment

(3) The necessity of entering new markets;

(4) Weather and climatic risks;


(1) Lack of transmission line infrastructure;

(2) Lack of own production facilities for the manufacture of electrical equipment;

(3) Regulatory and legal risks.