The important issues of sanctions

19.4.2007 1386 (Hijri-Shamsi)

Cooperation with Iran to import and export equipments to enrich uranium and build nuclear weapons was forbidden for members and a number of Iranian individuals and companies involved in Iran’s nuclear and missile programs were doomed to the seizure of assets and a travel ban under the EU Europe.



Several Iranian officials, including Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization were banned from traveling to EU countries due to nuclear activities. However, after the appointment of Salehi as the official Iranian Foreign Minister, this ban was canceled as a result of some criticisms in February 2011.



European airports were prohibited from accepting cargo flights of Iran’s destination or origin.



European countries were banned from a joint venture with the Iranian parts in oil and gas industry of Iran. Also, Europe Union members were no longer allowed to give insurance to the Iranian government. Dealing, brokerage or assistance in the issuance of government bonds, central bank or Iranian banks is forbidden for financial institutions of the Union. Cooperating with Iran in importing and exporting of weapons and equipments for uranium enrichment or those of dual-use-civilian and military-and also sale and transfer of equipments and technology for oil refinement or natural gas condensing to the Islamic Republic was banned, too.



The scope of Iran’s nuclear sanctions was expanded and more than a hundred people or companies including Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines were subjected to sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program.