Sanction reason

The important issues of sanctions


Capture of the spy nest

Blocking all Iranian assets in America and refusing to deliver equipment and goods purchased.


Alleged involvement in an explosion at the military headquarters of America

A ban on lending and facilities, export of needed spare parts, sale of aircraft and its fuel, and imports of oil products.


Chemical weapons production alleged

A ban on the export of chemical and biological agents that might be used in making weapons.


Manufacturing powerful military equipment by Iran

A ban on the export of any goods that might be used in making military equipment.


Accused of supporting terrorism

A comprehensive ban on foreign capital and a comprehensive ban on the import and export.


Financial support for Palestine

A ban on capital and exchanges of more than $40 million.


Accused of supporting terrorism

Sanctions on Bank-e Sepah, bank-e Saderat, bank-e Melli and boycott of Iran’s Qods Force and Iran’s 27 other organizations.


Nuclear program

Sanctions of the shipping industry and intensifying aviation sanctions.


Charges of violation of human rights and dealing with Seditionists

Tightening of the sanctions against Iranian Revolutionary Guards and a freeze on assets of people of the government.


Nuclear program

Central Bank of Iran sanctions, freezing assets of 180 individuals and companies, a ban on international cooperation in uranium mining activities, a ban on purchasing any military equipment, refusing to cooperate in missile affairs, ceasing banking and financial transactions, sanctioning of 61 foreign companies trading with Iran and failure to provide international insurance services.


Nuclear program

A ban on purchase and signing the contract in oil industry and embargo commercial bank of Iran.


Support for the Syrian government and resistance

Sanction of Iran’s ministry of information, Qods force and police, A ban on cooperation with companies associated with Iran’s Department of Defense, Revolutionary Guards and etc.


Nuclear program

Tightening sanctions on Iranian oil purchase, asset freeze on individuals and companies associating with Iran’s banking and oil activities, toughening sanctions against Iran’s national oil tanker company and its 27 associated companies.


Supporting Islamic Awakening

Iran’s Broadcasting sanctions and also applying restrictions and prohibitions for EzatollahZarghami.


Missile and satellite capacity

Sanction on national space industry organization, and limitations for 50 related financial and technical companies.


Nuclear program

Publishing a ban on petrochemical industry and exchanges, 19 people and companies associated with Iran, including Iran’s aviation Industry Organization, Qods aviation industry and ErtebatGostarNovin Corporation.