Resolution no.

The important issues of sanctions

31.7.2006 (A.C) 9/5/1385 (Hijri-Shamsi)


The first resolution just asks Iran to stop the Nuclear program. It also threatens to boycott.

23.12.2006 3/10/1385


Prohibits the sale or transfer to Iran of any materials or equipment that could have military application. Members are also bound to seize assets of 22 companies and individuals related to Iran’s nuclear program.

24.3.2007 4/1/1386


The banning in this resolution of purchasing offensive weapons from Iran in which countries were also demanded to be on sober and self-control to sell such equipment to Iran. Also, individuals and financial institutions around the world were asked to avoid making any new financial commitment with Iran except for humanitarian or human development cases. In this resolution, the names of 18 companies, banks and individuals associated with Iran’s nuclear and missile programs were added to the blacklist.

3.3.2008 13/12/1386


UN members voluntarily restrict their cooperation with Iranian banks active in their country. But the resolution obliges members to stop collaborating with Iran’s national and export credit banks, because of what was called facilitating Iran’s and local terrorist organizations’ Nuclear and missile programs. These two banks denied the charges. According to this resolution, 13 people and 12 Iranian companies were subject to seizure of their assets and travel ban. Finally, this resolution allowed members to search air and sea cargoes to the destination of or with the origin of Iran, if they have a reasonable cause.

29.9.2008 6/7/1387


No new economic or political sanctions against Iran; However, Tehran was demanded to “immediately” enforce provisions of the previous resolutions of the Security Council, most importantly to suspend uranium enrichment.

9.6.2010 19/3/1389


Intensification of former penalties, and prohibition of the transfer of missile technology to Iran. The sale of nuclear equipments to Iran was banned as well. Specifically, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Company were targets of the new sanctions. Finally, this resolution wanted the members to prevent the establishment of new branches of Iranian banks in their territory or the engagement of the banks and financial institutions active in their territory in trade with Iran.