Sample size




Ntiloudi et al., 2017


Highlight the nature and the rate of pregnancy complications in a single-center patient population.

117 pregnancies from 52 ACHD patients

AHEPA University Hospital, Greec

Retrospective and observational design

Of 117 pregnancies from 52 ACHD patients (age at pregnancy 6.6 - 28.3 years), 10 were therapeutically aborted. A proportion of 41.1% of the remaining 107 pregnancies were complicated either with cardiac (3.7%), obstetric (15.0%), or fetal/neonatal (11.2%) adverse events or with spontaneous abortion (17.8%). Hospitalization during pregnancy was required in 10 patients. Elective cesarean sections were initially planned for 31% of the 87 pregnancies, which were finally completed, while 8% required an emergency cesarean section, mostly for obstetric reasons. NYHA class deterioration after pregnancy was detected in 9.3% of our cohort. Modified WHO class III/IV, prior medication use, and higher body mass index (BMI) were related to cardiac complications during pregnancy or NYHA deterioration.