Don’t know




don’t agree


1) The nurse is unaware of research.

2) The nurse is isolated from colleagues with whom to discuss the research.

3) The nurse does not see the value of research for practice.

4) The nurse is unwilling to change/try new ideas.

5) The nurse does not feel capable of evaluating the quality of the research.

6) The nurse feels the benefits of changing practice will be minimal

7) The nurse is uncertain of whether to believe the results of the research

8) The nurse sees little benefit for self

9) The nurse is isolated from knowledgeable with whom to discuss research


1) Insufficient time on the job to implement new ideas.

2) The nurse does not have time to read research.

3) The nurse does not feel she/he has authority to change patient care procedures.

4) The nurse feels results are not generalizable to own setting.

5) The facilities are inadequate for implementation.

6) Other staffs are not supportive of implementation.

7) Physicians will not cooperate with implementation.

8) Administration will not allow implementation.

9) Implications for practice are not made clear.

10) The relevant literature is not compiled in one place.

11) There is not a documented need to change practice.


1) Research report/articles are not clearly and readably.

2) Research report/articles are not published fast enough.

3) Research has not been replicated.

4) Literature reports had conflict results.

5) The research has methodological inadequacies.

6) The conclusions drawn from the research are not justified.

7) The amount of research information is overwhelming.

8) Researches are written in English.

9) The research is not relevant to the nurse’s practice.

10) Statistical analyses are not understandable.

11) The conclusions drawn from the research are not justified.