Samples of Code



· Getting hospitalized enhanced separation time.

· A loved one (husband) took care of my mother who had dementia and I can give back.

· Being together offers a sense of security.

· I can give back to my husband.

5) Having a sense of security.

· My daughter came to me frequently.

· Family members collaborated together.

· Someone said something to a loved one.

· After getting an illness, family care givers began to talk.

· Children collaborated.

· Someone said something to a patient.

· Family caregivers began to discuss nursing care.

6) To strengthen a family’ s ties.

· I am satisfied with cleaning the sheets of a loved one.

· I can feel relieved.

· A loved one enjoys the scene of my garden.

· I can clean the sheets anytime.

· I can feel relieved.

7) Being satisfied with care.

· A loved one and their family spend time together.

· Family members went on a trip to Okinawa and made memories.

· Both a loved one and the family caregiver were relaxed.

· I can remember the trip.

8) Both a loved one and a family

Spending time together.

· A medicine was effective for a loved one (my husband).

· I could go to the gym.

· We talked about new themes.

· A medicine was effective.

· A loved one felt well and I enjoyed my time.

9) A care giver having their own time.

· My end was on the way.

· I went to a class on cancer and resolved my questions.

· I am thinking of the end of my life.

10) Promoting thinking of my own nursing care.