Samples of code



· It was natural for me to take care of the patient myself.

· We are mother and child.

· A loved one and I have lived together for a long time and it was natural.

· I thought that I would take care of the patient because we are mother and child.

· We lived together and it was natural.

1) Being natural to take care of a loved one at home.

· I take care of my father in my home.

· In addition to this, taking care of a loved one in a hospital was difficult.

· It was difficult for me to take care of a loved one both at home and in a hospital.

2) Home hospice matching a family care giver’s life.

· My husband was a stranger and felt alone.

· He did what he liked.

· It seemed difficult for him to

· He was detained for some reasons.

· I was shocked.

· At home, I do not need to detain my loved one.

· In a hospital, bed sheets are not always changed.

· A loved one couldn’t make a good relationship with others.

· Hospitalized life with rules seemed to be hard for a patient.

· A loved one hoped to come home.

· I disliked detainment in a hospital.

· I felt a care shortage in a hospital.

3) Feeling that I can take better care of a loved one at home than the care given at a hospital.

· A loved one asked for a tailor made anti-cancer agent.

· A physician did not agree with it.

· A loved one used some kind of anti-cancer agent and had severe side effects.

· A loved one’s expectation for treatment did not agree with a hospital policy.

· I feltl imitations in medical treatment.

4) Not being able to agree with a treatment policy or not being able to adapt to hospital life.