Best-practice behavior:

Mean (SD)

Do you check the patient’s armband prior to administer medication?

3.81 (±0.6)

*Do you prepare and carry medications for more than 1 patient with you at a time?

3.66 (±0.8)

Do you label the medication cup with the patient’s name & room number?

2.94 (±1.2)

Do you bring the Medication Administration Record (MAR) sheet with you when you prepare a medication?

3.46 (±1.1)

Do you label syringes and infusions with the medication, name, patient name, and room number?

3.15 (±1.2)

*Do you administer medication that another nurse has prepared?

3.22 (±1.4)

Do you have unusual doses independently-double checked by another nurse? (e.g: heparin)

3.06 (±1.1)

Do you have insulin doses independently-checked by another nurse?

3.16 (±1.0)

Do you check the patient allergies before administering medication?

3.38 (±1.4)

Do you have a direct supervision from the bedside Registered Nurse (RN) while preparing and administering medications?

2.84 (±0.6)