Contents of Considerations regarding quality of life after TIV

Sample quotations

Ability to communicate after TIV

At present, I don’t want to use TIV. Well, I think that I want to talk, but I do not know whether I can after using TIV. (ID2; 9 months after diagnosis; ALSFRS-Rb: 43)

If I use TIV, I cannot speak... (says nothing more). I lose my voice, right? Once I used my eyes to communicate. I did not seem to be able to move my eyes either. Even now, I do not understand it. (ID11; 65 months after diagnosis; ALSFRS-R: 18)

Degree of support offered by professionals after TIV

I am worried about my family’s anxiety and my family’s life after using TIV. I hope the nurse can join us in addition to my family, if possible. (ID12; 4 months after diagnosis; ALSFRS-R: 23)

In future, if I use TIV, someone has to care for me all the time. Of course, I have heard that there will be professionals to look after me. Can they begin support soon, like tomorrow? I don’t know if it’s possible. (ID13; 18 months after diagnosis; ALSFRS-R: 17)

Palliative care for physical distress

After using TIV, the difficulty I had with breathing finally stopped, so I thought it was good that I used TIV. (ID12; 4 months after diagnosis; ALSFRS-R: 23 )

It’s not clearly defined, as it’s not good to use TIV (even if I use a respirator). Because my disease will continue to progress, I do not know what to say... (ID11; 65 months after diagnosis; ALSFRS-R: 18)

Value of life after TIV

If I come to the hospital with a mechanical ventilator machine behind the wheelchair and my wife pushing the wheelchair, we will not have fun. Would you? (ID4; 10 months after diagnosis; ALSFRS-R: 36)

As for me, sometimes, if I am just bedridden, there is no way to use TIV. (ID9; 7 months after diagnosis; ALSFRS-R: 31)

Burden on family

At this time, death with dignity is not possible. If I use TIV, it means I will impose endless invisible burden on family members. At first, it might be nice, but eventually my family members will start to think “Why did you choose TIV?” I wonder if the ventilator tube can be removed while I am not aware, for example, during night-time. It is sad to make them think like that. (ID14; 178 months after diagnosis; ALSFRS-R: 9)