Study Type




Adverse Effects

RCT [12]


10 Nurse in Control Group and 18 in Intervention

Increase Student Confidence in shoulder dystocia and PPH


Prospective Interventional Study [13]

ALSO Training

Deliveries of 510 women before Training and 505 after the Training

Incidence of PPH significantly reduced and performance of staff significantly improved


Descriptive Study (Survey) [14]

Interventional Radiology

226 Obstetric Units in the UK

May work in the management of Maternal Hemorrhage

Not Reported

Systematic Review [15]

Ambulatory Monitoring of Blood Pressure

No RCT Found

May work better in Monitoring of Blood Pressure

Not Reported (Insufficient Data)

Descriptive Study (Cross Sectional survey) [16]

Information for Decision Making

146 Women

Help in the development of decision support tools and in improving maternity care


Systematic Review [17]

Antenatal Education

9 RCTs with 2284 women

Build women confidence and prepare her for birth


Systematic Review [18]

Vacuum Extraction

10 RCTs

Signi´Čücantly less maternal trauma, Caesarean Section and severe maternal injuries

Retinal hemorrhage

RCT [19]

Uterine Massage

1964 Women

No significant differences in Blood Loss; Less effective than oxytocin


Multicenter RCT [20]

Uterine Massage

2340 Women

No significant differences in Blood Loss; Less effective than oxytocin


Systematic Review [21]

Immersion in Water

8 RCTs with 2939 Women

use of epidural, spinal, and paracervical analgesia was significantly decreased; Significantly less pain

No with a hint of Insufficient Data

Systematic Review [22]

Exercise for preventing preeclampsia

2 small, good quality trials with 45 women

No effects were found (Insufficient Data)

Insufficient Data)

Systematic Review [23]

Elective Delivery in Diabetic Women

1 RCT with 200 insulin-requiring diabetic women

The risk of caesarean section was nearly same and risk of macrosomia was decreased


Systematic Review [24]

Mechanical Methods

71 RCTs with 9722 women

Reduced the risk of hyperstimulation when compared with vaginal prostaglandins; Reduced the risk of caesarean section when compared with oxytocin

Limited data available on the risk of infection

Systematic Review [25]

Haematological interventions

No RCT Found

Not Reported (Insufficient Data)

Not Reported (Insufficient Data)

Prospective cohort 3-year audit [26]


93 Women

Sonography either alone or combined with color Doppler imaging has better diagnostic accuracy in the prediction of RPOC

Not Reported (Insufficient Data)

Descriptive Study (Survey) [27]

Hospital Information System

30,607 deliveries

Hospital databases are reliable and accurate enough to be used for monitoring purpose


Descriptive Study (Survey) [28]

Hospital Information System

Data about 8620 women

Hospital databases can be used to monitor maternal morbidity and mortality and help in improving health policies