Maternal monitorings

Observation 1

Observation 2

ü Socio-demographic statuts

ü Places visited

40 years

Gestity: 11; parity: 10; number of living children: 6


Married; place of residence: Matam in Conakry

Moves to Liberia and comeback to Matam

25 years

Gestity: 3; parity: 3


Married; place of residence: Matoto in Conakry

Forécariah and Yimbaya

ü Clinical signs at reception

ü Diagnostic

ü Mode of delivery, Complications

- Temperature: 36.5˚C; valided; Eclampsia

- Caesarean (intervention duration 37 minutes)

- Postpartum hemorrhage with cardiovascular shock and hypovolemic shock

AFS. Caeserean (30 mn 05 s)

Homeostasis hysterectomy (1 hour 11 mn)

Postpartum hemorrhage with cardiovascular and hypovolemic shock