Groups of lipocalins

Residues preserved and antigenic capacity

A (Can f 2 as reference)

E32, E33, S35, G36, D49, T51, T52, H63, D82, G83, Q84, S89, T91, L145, S146, Q148, S173, D177, R178, C179.

B (Can f 1)

D27, S32, G33, K34, A42, D43, V56, K55, G66, G68, Y98, T99, D117, I120, G139, R140, G160, L161, N163, Q164, E165, I165, L166, E173, T174, E175.

C (Equ c 1)

D30, I31, S32, K33, S35, G36, E37, Y39, E49, K50, E52, E53, N54, A65, L67, D68, N69, S71, N81, G82, E83, L84, K93, T94, E97, D98, Y95, D96, G97, K151, E152, E153, K157.

D (Bos d 2)

G30, K32, Y36, N41, D43, K44, P50, G80, C89, E97, G100, I127, K129, E143, E154, R155, G156, P173, N175.

E (Cav p 3)

L20, D21, S23, G28, D37, N38, G46, D59, G60, T67, D73, G74, C76, L82, K85, Q86, R88, Q95, Y96, I105, A103, T119, K127, R135, L138, T139, E141, K145, G154, P156, Q171.