Year of occurrence

Drought Event and Extent

Impacts on environment and humans


Severe drought that affected much of northern Kenya including Turkana County.

Locally known as Namotor.

Led to loss of human lives, crops, and livestock. Characterized by shortages in both water and food.


Very severe drought affecting much of Sub-Saharan Africa region including Kenya, Ethiopia and Chad. Locally known as Kimududu/Kibekbek.

Led to famines, reduced water levels and fish harvests in Lake Turkana.


Prolonged drought in Kenya and much of the East and Central Africa region. Locally known as Kiyoto atang’aa/Lopiar.

Drought led to livestock deaths, loss of human lives and crop failure. Notable and memorable aspects of this drought were the introduction of food rations and long queues in food distribution centres.


Severe droughts in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya

Locally known as Lokwakoyo/Alkalkal.

Characterized by crop failure, loss of human lives and livestock deaths. Reduced surface areas of lakes in the region and led to the introduction of “food for work” programmes.


Prolonged drought that affected ASALs as well as many high potential agricultural areas in Kenya. Locally known as Logara/Epompo.

Massive losses in crops and livestock. Government interventions included construction of water pans, boreholes, and irrigation schemes.


Extreme drought event in the northern Kenyan ASALs including Turkana.

Led to loss of human lives, crops and livestock. The extreme event resulted to a “Kenya for Kenya” relief program coordinated by Kenya Red Cross that provided food for starving people and initiated irrigation projects and greenhouses in Turkana County.