Socio-economic factors

Human-made factors

Natural factors

Studied cases

Environment protection, natural visions, Control of natural hazards

Economic development of region with regard to agriculture potentials of the region

9-strengthening and protecting the natural views (sea coast, river, waterfall), increase of industry tourism

8-increasing the level of services, creating balance between population growth and level of their service

7-creating communicative roads based on natural conditions of the region, sustainable transportation

6-creating restriction to land uses that destruct the environment and construction of land uses with regard to environmental potentials at the region

5-population control, training job skills, and life skills to all classes of society

4-increasing the educational, cultural and welfare facilities

3-providing the opportunities for employment

2-proper management of soil resources to prevent reduced erosion and soil contamination

1-control of flood, management and protection of water resources, control of natural hazards (especially the control of river flooding to enhance the physical potential of region

General goals

Protection of coastal forests and vegetation at the margin of river and waterfalls, birds habitants, implementing tourism plan, immigration

Equipping and construction of educational, healthcare and welfare centers, creating centers to distribute agricultural services (preparation of seed, fertilizer, pesticides, seedlings)

Creating special roads for passing, agricultural machines, enhancing the quality of roads to standard status

Evaluating the areas having the potential to create land uses consistent with environmental conditions of region

Fairly distribution of services in city, creating facilities in low population rural districts, developing plans to define provinces for industrial and residential land uses

Creating technical and vocational centers with the approach of modern agricultural training, equipping existing educational and therapeutic centers

Development of jobs of husbandry and aquaculture and development of tourism industry and industries related to agriculture

Using agriculture, ecologic methods, resting the land, lack of using the land more than its potential, improving the vegetation, construction of wastewater treatment, adopting limiting laws in using natural resources, using lighter ecologic facilities instead of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides and if needed, using pesticide with recommendation of experts

Improving the vegetation at the margin of river, construction of flood walls, dredging of water channels and waterfalls, passing laws to create restriction of construction in privacy of river

Operational goals

Safety measures such as lining, installing road signs, reforming the high-incident points, applying speed restrictions on roads, the presence of traffic experts in the region in the agricultural and tourism seasons, the establishment of a separate road for the movement of agricultural machines, informing drivers unfamiliar with this road, developing rules for protecting and restoring coastal forests, establishing criteria and rules for determining the coastal area in the tourism plan, paying attention to the waste management system in tourism projects, and developing and implementing plans to protect birds in order to prevent the hunting of these birds in their immigration season

Holding a school plan on the farm for various agricultural activities, providing government facilities such as loans and facilities for private sector investment in activities in line with the potential of the region (creating livestock and poultry…), Implementation of rural Hadi Plans (guide plans) based on the ecological criteria relevant to the ecological sensitivity of the region

The construction of the flood wall at the margin of the Talar River by related organizations, determination of privacy for irrigation networks and water pipes by the Ministry of Energy, dredging and organizing of water channels agricultural Jihad organization, use of ecological agriculture methods in depositing pests such as duck breeding in rice fields to combat rice stem borer worms, implementing the plan for improve and integrate agriculture lands by agriculture organization

Solutions and completing executive criteria and policies