agriculture lands, waterfalls, coast, vision of river, gardens and religious places

Access to drinking water, telephone, gas, internet, electricity, educational facilities (elementary, secondary) and religious facilities, government organizations (promoting agriculture, electricity and water, telecommunications, post, bank, education, county

Passing two roads with regional scale, access to rural rural districts through the asphalt road

Creating different industries related to agriculture and non-agriculture such as food industries, and auto parts company Workshop for packing agricultural products, construction of industrial poultry, workshops to produce building materials

agricultural lands, waterfalls, rivers, seashore and gardens



Natural and human-made vision, tourism attractions

Rural development reduced rural migration, easiness of living and well-being, reduced travel to administrative centers outside of the province.

Growth and development of rural district, easy access to cities and surrounding rural district, business and economic growth

Economic growth and creation job, development of tourism industry


Inappropriate disposal of garbage and wastewater

Imbalance in level of services and population growth

Lack of wastewater treatment and appropriate garbage collection and water treatment

Development of uncontrolled construction at the margin of roads

Lack of hierarchy in roads: regional road passing from farms

reduced sand dunes, manipulating coastal forests and vegetation at the margin of river

Seasonal agriculture, low investment in this sector and traditional agriculture

Lack of observing environmental considerations in locating

Land use change from agriculture to construction



Visual pollution and loss of natural visions

Lack of job consistent with expertise of people, loss of traditional customs, migration

Reduced level of health

Loss of vegetation

Uncontrolled growth and development of constructions

Lack of attention to legal privacy of roads

loss of agriculture lands

Change in pattern of habitants from organic to linear

Destruction of coastal forests and local plants of the region

Unemployment in non-agriculture seasons and tendency to other jobs

Environment destruction and pollution

Reduced agricultural lands and low production