Salt River

A more comprehensive view of the river from different environmental points of view

- Maintaining the vegetation of surroundings of the river

- Repairing and completion of drainage system

- Observing and handling of existing plants on the river’s margin

- Designing the proper route for sewage and preventing them from entering the river

- Emphasizing on the elements of the site and using of them to give identity to the environment

- Creating visual variation combined with visual integration in design

- Give identity to the landscape around the river

- preventing degradation of environmental structures in order to avoid disruption in their operation

- Coordination of planting vegetation cover with native vegetation

- Maintaining biodiversity and complexity of the regional structure

Welfare - Service

- Continuity of environment consistency and designed landscapes with environmental structures

- Noticing to users and supervisors as design participants

- Increasing board activities such as pharmacy, supermarkets

- Standard light and standard lighting especially in vulnerable spaces

- Improving and optimizing the paths of motion

- Beautifying and showcasing on footpaths

- Providing recreational facilities such as parking, pausing spaces and...

- Using proper furniture fitting with the view

- Establishing appropriate spaces for the accumulation of waste at specified intervals, taking into account all environmental issues in indoor enclosures.

- Design which is consistent with natural and human ecosystems

- Landscape architecture for serving users and observers and meeting their needs

- Efforts to reduce energy consumption