Waste category

Waste components

Organic matter

Waste from foodstuff such as food and vegetable refuse, fruit skin, stem of green, corncob, leaves, grass, and manure


Paper, paper bags, cardboard, corrugated board, box board, newsprint, magazines, tissue, office paper, and mixed paper (all papers that do not fit into other categories)


Any material and products made of plastics such as wrapping film, plastic bag, olythene, plastic bottle, plastic hose, and plastic string


Any material and products made of glass such as bottles, glassware, light bulb, and ceramics


Ferrous and non-ferrous metal such as tin can, wire, fence, knife, bottle cover, aluminum can and other aluminum materials, foil, ware and bi-metal


Materials from leather, rubber, textile, wood, and others such yard waste, tires, batteries, large appliances, nappies/sanitary products, medical waste, etc.