Targets/Questions asked


Healthcare providers

· What type of microbe is responsible for rabies?

· How long is human rabies incubation?

· What bite makes you suspect rabies?

· How does declared human’s rabies evolve?

· Citing the different reservoirs/vectors of rabies

· Citing the steps of managing a rabies-exposing bite

· Citing rabies risk categories following an animal bite

· Citing indications of rabies vaccination by category

· Describe the timing of the two post-exposure rabies vaccination protocols available in Senegal

· What is the circuit for notification of rabies bite cases?

· How much does the dose of rabies vaccine cost?

Community members

· What are the risks to a person bitten by an animal?

· Citing at least two symptoms of rabies in humans

· Citing the routes of transmission of rabies to humans

· What is the evolution of rabies reported in humans?

Attitudes, practices and management tools

Healthcare providers

· Do you systematically contact the veterinary services in the event of a bite exposing to rabies?

· Do you have contact with at least one veterinarian in your work area?

· Do you have rabies exposure notices

Community members

· What would be your conduct in case of a bite by a stray dog