Community health problems

Malpractice examples

Main responsible for



Socio cultural and environmental problems* such as:

・ child abuse, spouse abuse, elderly abuse, violence, poor rules and laws, cultural, social problems, unemployment, rapid social changes, limited educational opportunities, begging, addiction, prostitution, internet crimes, road and street accidents, unequal access to healthcare, etc.

Socio cultural and environmental malpractices can be as following:

・ Ineffective legislation

・ wrong socio economic policies

・ Weak management

- Poor planning

- Inconsistency

- Inadequate supervision.

Can be as follows:

・ Legislators

・ sociocultural authorities

・ Health managers

・ drug control officials

・ social sciences experts

・ welfare organizationauthorities

・ municipalities

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Economical related problems such as:

・ Poverty

・ Low Income

・ Expensiveness

・ Inflation

・ Unfair distribution of wealth

・ Multiple Job Life

・ Economic downturn etc.

Malpractice examples in economy can be as follows:

・ Inappropriate economic policies

・ Weakness in smuggling control

・ Immoderate imports, etc.

Can be as follows:

・ Economists

・ Economic authorities

・ Customs authorities

・ Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, etc.

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Environmental health problems including:

・ Air, water and noise pollution

・ Dispersion of solid waste and sewage

・ Non-sanitary physical environment

・ Increased cancer rates, etc.

Environmental associated malpractices such as:

・ Inappropriate environmental health policies

・ Inappropriate methods such as: Illegal dumping and incineration of wastes

・ Uncoordinated responsibleorgans, etc.

Environmental health authorities

・ Environmental Protection Agency [EPA]

・ Ministry of Health

・ Municipalities, etc.

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