1. On the day you left the hospital, do you feel that your doctor spent enough time discussing your medical plan with you?

YES, I feel enough time was spent.

NO, I feel the doctor should have spent more time.

2. Did the doctor speak slowly enough for you to understand him/her?

YES, the doctor spoke slowly enough for me to understand.

NO, the doctor spoke too quickly.

3. Was your medical plan explained to you in wording that you could understand?

YES, I understood the words the doctor used.

NO, the doctor used too many medical terms that I did not understand.

4. Did the doctor take the time to answer your questions before you left the hospital?

YES, the doctor answered all my questions.

NO, I still had questions after the doctor left.

5. Do you think that your doctor needs more training on patient communication?

YES, more training would help him/her communicate better.

NO, he/she does not need more training.

6. Did you have any trouble reading the words on this form?

YES, the wording on this form was complicated and I had trouble understanding it.

NO, I was able to read this form without any problems.