Save resources 0.0135

Develop and implement construction water conservation and water use plans 0.0032

Develop and implement construction material saving plan 0.0027

Use tooling stereotypes 0.0023

Strict control of design document changes 0.0046

Process management 0.0118

Take steps to ensure building durability 0.0016

Integrated construction of civil engineering and decoration engineering 0.0033

Joint trial run before completion 0.0023

Certified property management agency 0.0008


Operations management 0.0347

Management system 0.0054

Formulate operational rules for energy and water conservation 0.0013

Implementation of energy management incentives 0.0018

Publicity mechanism for green environmental education 0.0009

Cultural environment of residential district 0.0007

Regular inspection of public facilities and equipment 0.004

Technical management 0.0206

Regular inspection and cleaning of air conditioning ventilation system 0.0028

Complete and accurate water quality and usage records 0.0057

Application of information technology for property management 0.008

Use pollution-free pest control technology 0.0009

Environmental management 0.0086

First survival rate of planted and transplanted trees 0.0006

The garbage collection station does not pollute the environment 0.0025

Implement separate waste collection and treatment 0.0045