Install water metering device 0.0075

Public bathrooms take water-saving measures 0.0454

Water-saving appliances and equipment 0.0997

Water efficiency of sanitary appliances 0.0195

Use of water-saving irrigation systems 0.0431

Air-conditioning system adopts water-saving cooling technology 0.0195

Other equipment also uses water-saving technologies or measures 0.0176

Unconventional water use 0.038

Unconventional water use



Material saving and material utilization 0.2005

Material-saving design 0.0410

Choosing the best building shape 0.0136

Optimize structural design to achieve material saving effect 0.0095

Integrated design of civil engineering and decoration 0.0027

Reusable partition wall 0.0037

Use of industrially produced prefabricated components 0.006

Integrated design kitchen and bathroom space 0.0046

Use ready-mixed concrete and ready-mixed mortar 0.0067

Material selection 0.1604

Use of high-strength building structural materials 0.0054

Use of durable construction materials 0.0095

Use of recyclable and recyclable materials 0.0173

Construction materials produced from waste 0.0227

Use durable, easy-to-maintain decoration materials 0.0133

Using thermal insulation and structural integration technology 0.0085

Use locally produced stone as building material 0.077

Noise level in the main room 0.0011


Indoor environmental quality 0.0316

Indoor acoustic environment 0.0062

Good sound insulation in main function rooms 0.0028

Adopt measures to reduce noise interference 0.0024

Main room with good view 0.0003

Indoor light environment 0.0044

Main function room lighting meets national standards 0.0008

Improve the natural lighting effect in the room by design 0.0011

Adjustable shading design reduces radiation 0.0022

Indoor hot and humid environment 0.0157

Improve natural ventilation by design 0.0017

Indoor air quality 0.0052

Reasonable airflow organization 0.0006

Install devices to regulate and improve indoor air 0.0029

Take dust protection measures during construction 0.0097


Construction management 0.0563

Environmental protection 0.0309

Take effective noise reduction measures during construction 0.0038

Reduce waste 0.0136

Take measures to reduce light pollution during construction 0.0038

Develop and implement a construction energy saving plan 0.0054