Relevant requirement

Clauses and/or subclauses


Factories, Offices and Shops Act 1970 administered by Factories Inspectorate Department (FID)

Register construction site with FID

6 - 8

Report workplace accidents to FID

6 - 8

Provide wholesome drinking water on site


Provide toilet facilities on site


Provide personal protective equipment for workers


Take preventive measures to control or prevent specific hazards on sites eg noise, vibration, manual handling, and fire.

26, 27 & 31

Supervision of the health of employees where necessary.

Ensure safe access and egress to construction site.

Ensure the design and construction of structures should ensure workers safety and users of the facility.

33 - 35

The provision of fencing and safeguards for the safety of workers on site.

38 - 40

Keeping records of lifting machines and appliances on site and ensuring they are of sound construction, properly maintained and precautionary measures taken during their operation.

31, 43 - 47

Take precautionary measures to prevent injury and explosions because of dust, gas, vapour present in work environment.

48 - 49

Ensuring steam boilers, receivers and containers and air receivers are of sound construction, properly maintained and precautionary measures taken to ensure their operation.


Providing training for machine operators and persons employed in processes likely to cause injury.


Ensuring workers work under satisfactory, safe and healthy conditions


Provide and maintain at site, plant and system of work that are safe and without risk to health.


Ensuring safety and absence of risks to health in connection with use, handling, storage and transport of materials.


Provide training, instruction, information and supervision to ensure health and safety at work.


Take steps to prevent contamination of the site by, and protect workers from toxic gases, noxious substances, vapours, dust fumes mists and other substances.


Provide at no cost to workers Personal protective equipment.


Provide suitable washing facilities and toilets and other facilities for cleansing and drying.


Provide clean and adequate drinking water on site.


Prevent occupational accidents and injury by minimizing the causes of hazards on site.