test methods


The constant settlement rate: in this method, the settlement rate is selected based on soil penetrability coefficient and the size of the loading plate. As an approximate pattern, settlement rate can be considered to be 2.5 mm/min. This method is suitable for fine-grained cohesive soils.


Loading for creep: This method is used when the creep behavior of the soil is of interest or the structure is very sensitive to settlement.


Incremental loading: The final load is predicted as a multiple of allowable strength and loading stages are determined. In each loading stage, the settlement rate is measured in minutes 1, 2, 4, and 8. This method can be performed on all types of soil.


Cyclic Loading: This method can be used when the cyclic performance is considered. For example, in the airport and main road pavement, cyclic loading is performed to fix the settlement after applying the loading process several times.


Direct design loading: In this method, to consider the long-term behavior of the materials under foundation, the pressure applied to plate is selected by modeling the conditions of construction and operation of the structure.