Formation (with age)


Marker Taxa

Boulder Conglomerate

*0.63 to 1.79 Ma

Boulders, cobbles, pebbles mainly of grey and purple coloured, rounded to well-rounded compact sandstones; set in matrix of coarse to very coarse occasional gravel matrix. Sometimes coarse sandstone, siltstone, mudstone beds or lenses are present. Clasts of limestone are present but very less.

No fossils

Pinjor 2.60 Ma

Alternation of dull, brown, pink mudstones and coarse to medium-grained, grey, green, pebbly and soft sandstones. Sometimes in the upper part sandstone beds alternate with conglomeratic (pebbly sized) beds.

**First appearance of Equus, Cervus (cervids with antlers), Bubalus, Bos etc.

Pre-Pinjor beds (=Tatrot Stage, =Dhamala Formation, =Saketi Formation of various workers)

***5.26 Ma

Bright grey and variegated mudstones interbedded with grey, brown coarse to medium-grained soft sandstones.

**Hipparion, Cormohipparion, Stegodon bombifrons, Hippohyus lydekkeri (=H. tatroti) etc.