Intervention Procedure


Expected Outcome

Epidural Steroid Injection

They function as mechanical and biochemical mediator in pain relief by inhibiting the release of inflammatory mediators.

Reduced inflammation, thereby reducing pain.

Facet Joint Nerve Block and denervation injection

It is a common fluoroscopy-guided procedure for facet-related spinal pain of the neck or low back.

Long term effect in relieving pain


Interventional technique that uses a cryoprobe. It freezes sensory nerves at the directly on the source of pain.

Long term effect in relieving pain.

Radiofrequency ablation

Blocks the transmission of pain signals by ablating certain nerves that contribute to chronic pain syndrome.

Decrease pain intensity.

Peripheral Nerve Injection

Contains a mixture of local anesthetic agents and anti-inflammatory steroid medication. Effectively blocks the transmission of pain signals around peripheral nerves

Decrease pain intensity