Type of pain



What to handle

Acute pain

It is pain sudden in onset, may last less than 7days but often extends up to 30 days or 3 months

It is nociceptive pain that occurs during and after injury to the viscera, skin tissue or joints. The body respond by following the pain pathway; transduction, conduction, transmission, perception and modulation.

For better management it is important to assess the cause, pain intensity duration and what makes it worst. Medications can be used to reduce pain intensity while treating the underlying cause.

Chronic pain

It is pain that has lasted beyond the normal tissue healing time (about three months).

Increase in pain intensity may lead to an exaggerated prolonged reaction of the C-fibre nociceptors, causing the release of series of substances into the synaptic gap. This may trigger a cascade of events leading to a vicious cycle.

Treatment of this kind of pain may involve a mix physical medical, and psychological components.