Burning pain: leg and hip

Burning, aching, stabbing hip, knee, and leg pain


Constant hip pain

Constant hip pain with occasional burning sensation, and leg pain

Constant stabbing pain of the affected hip


Mild aching thigh, groin, and knee

Mild stabbing pain hip

Mild, moderate to severe aching hip, groin, knee

Mild aching pain in knee and lower leg


Moderate, aching pain hip

Moderate aching in pelvic area

Moderate to severe aching and burning

Moderate stabbing pain hip

Moderate ache in thigh, groin

Moderate to severe aching hip, back leg, groin/knee/inner thigh

Moderate pain in hip and back

Pain in leg and knee

Pain in hip and knee

Pain at rest


Pinching sensation located in hip, thigh, and back


Severe groin and knee pain

Severe aching knee

Severe aching hip

Severe stabbing pain in groin area

Severe stabbing pain hip/groin/knee

Severe burning, aching, hip and both legs/groin/knee

Severe pain in both hips